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Dominican Republic Pedernales

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Pedernales Province was created on December 16th, 1957, this province takes its name from to the presence of the Pedernales River where the provincial capital is located, and the river receives that name due to the abundance of pedernal mineral. Pedernales Province is at the South end of the border with the Republic of Haiti, next to the mouth of Pedernales River and about 135 km from Barahona City. It has limits at the North with Independence Province, at the northwest with Barahona province, at the South and at East with the Caribbean Sea and at the West with the Republic of Haiti. This province has a population of 21.207 people, from them 11.067 are men and 10.140 are women. The municipalities are: • Pedernales, (principal municipality). • Oviedo The municipal districts are: • José Francisco Peña Gómez. • Juancho North half of the province is occupied by Bahoruco Mountain range. There are very few rivers in this region. The principal river is Pedernales which above forms the border with Haiti from its mouth in the Caribbean Sea to several kilometers up waters. Another river is the Mulito River, an affluent of Pedernales River. Oviedo Lake, which has brackish waters, is near Oviedo City. In addition, there are other lakes next to the coast, in Jaragua National Park. Farming is the principal economic activity of the province at present, taking place coffee and cattle of meat. Fishing is another important activity, being one of the provinces of greatest capture of fish, lobsters and lambí. The limestone mining in Cabo Rojo is also an important activity although it is not as important as previous years when bauxite was exploited. Tourism, mainly the national tourism has increased to visit Cabo Rojo and Bahia de las Aguilas beaches. Hoyo de Pelempito is another tourist place located at the Bahoruco Mountain Range. 

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