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Dominican Republic Duarte

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Duarte was created on June 5th, 1896 and started as a pacifier district since February 27, 1897 in honor of President Ulises Hereaux (Lilís). Some years later it became Duarte Province in honor of the patriot Juan Pablo Duarte. This province territory covers an area of 1,605.35 square kilometers. At the East of this province you can find María Trinidad Sánchez and Samaná Provinces; Monte Plata and at the South Monte Plata y Sánchez Ramírez Provinces; La Vega and Salcedo provinces at the West and María Trinidad Sánchez at the North. Duarte Province is part of Región III- North-East Cibao. With a population of 283,805 people; 143,108 are men and 140,697 are women .The most important municipalities are: - San Francisco de Macorís, (principal municipality). - Arenoso. - Castillo - Hostos - Las Guáranas - Pimentel - Villa Riva The municipal districts: Cenoví, La Peña, Aguacate, Las Coles, Sabana Grande de Hostos, Agua Santa del Yuna, Barraquito, Cristo Rey de Guaraguao and Las Táranas. The mountain range is located at the Northern part of this province. Loma Quita Espuela is the highest mountain of the province. Duarte is at the river basin of Yuna River which goes though the south of the province although Payabo is the longest river in the province. Jaya, Guisa, and Cuaba are other rivers in this region. In relation to economical development, Duarte is one of the most developed and of greatest diversity of all Dominican Provinces. Most of the factories and commercial centers are located in San Francisco de Macorís where there is an important developing industrial center and a high farming progress. The principal products produced in Duarte are rice, chocolate and banana. The pecuarian activity is very significant, especially cattle related to the production of cow milk. There are many developed agro-industries to process products from crops in this province and other bordering regions. Like almost all the Mediterranean provinces tourism is not very well developed. Ecotourism is being developed, especially the one related to the Loma Quita Espuela Scientific Reservation. 

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