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Dominican Republic Sanchez Ramirez

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Sanchez Ramirez Province became a province on March 3rd, 1952 and it was given that name for the hero of reconquest, Juan Sanchez Ramirez, native of this region. With a surface of 1196, 13 square kilometers. Sanchez Ramirez Province has limits at the North with Duarte Province, at the East and South with Monte Plata Province and at the West with Monseñor Nouel and La Vega Provinces.. There is a population density of 126 inhabitants per square kilometers. Its population is: 151,179 inhabitants. 77,560 are men and 73,619 are women Principal cities: (Principal Municipality): Cotuit, with 74,056 inhabitants. Other municipalities: Cívicos, Fantino and La Mata. Municipal districts: Quita Sueño, La Cueva, Platanal, Argelina and La Bija. Among the most important mountains you can find Yamasá Mountain range (including La Prieta Mountain range) which crosses the province from Northwest to Southest. And with the greatest height of about 680 meters which is found in La Noviza. In the western region is part of The Haitises, with its wooded hills. Yuna River crosses about 15 km by the province, there is another one like the Maguaca River (the longest one), Chacuey River, Civic River, Payabo River and the Camú River before ending in the Yuna River, crosses about 20 km of the province. In the economic aspect between the most important lines they have farming (rice, citruses, cacao, and bananas, among others), the cattle dealer (Bovine) and miner because Pueblo Viejo gold mine is located in here. The main agro-industrial product is rice. 

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