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Dominican Republic Monseñor Nouel

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Monseñor Nouel Province was created on September 22nd, 1982, entering in use on January 1st 1983. Its name makes remember Monseñor Adolfo Alejandro Nouel, with a surface of 992, 39 km ². La Vega Province is located at the north and west side of Monseñor Nouel, Sanchez Ramirez and Monte Plata Provinces are at the east, and San Cristóbal and San jose de Ocoa Provinces at the south; it is part of Region II - South Cibao, with a population of 167.618 people: 84.292 are men and 83.326 are women. The municipalities are: - Bonao, principal municipality - Maimón - Piedra Blanca. Los municipal districts are: - Juma Bejucal - Sabana del Puerto - Juan Adrián - Villa Sonador The Central Mountain range is located by north and west of the province whereas a branch of this mountain range called Yamasá borders the province by the east. Yuna is the main river of the province; all the other rivers are affluent of this river. Some of them are Blanco River, Maimón River, Juma River, Masipedro River, and Jima River. The main economic activities of the province are farming and the mining. Ferroníquel operations occur in this province, principal metallic mining activity of the country at present. The main agricultural headings of the province are rice, coffee and cacao. The milk bovine cattle is important. In spite of little provincial development, it has some interesting places for the national tourist development, like for example Rincon Dam and part of the Central Mountain range. 

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