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Dominican Republic Peravia

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Peravia, was created on November 23rd, 1944 with the name of Province of Baní. On December 1st of that same year, its name was changed to Jose Trujillo Valdes and it was inaugurated on January 1st, 1945. Its present name of Peravia was given on November 29th, 1961. It was named like that due to the proximity to Peravia Valley, place where the provincial capital is, with a surface of 792, 33 km ². It limits at the north with San Jose de Ocoa Province, at the east with San Cristóbal Province, at the South with the Caribbean Sea and at the West with Azua Province. Peravia Province is part of Region V - Valdesia, with a population of 169.865 people: 84.391 are men and 85.474 are women. The municipalities are: - Baní, principal municipality. - Nizao. The municipal districts: - Catalina - El Carretón - Matanzas - Paya - Sabana Buey - Villa Fundación - Villa Sombrero - Pizarrete - Santana. A Mountain like the Central Mountain range (here called Ocoa Mountain range) is located at the North and West of the province. The main rivers of the province are Nizao, Ocoa and Baní. Farming is the main activity of the province, taking place vegetables (tomato, onion, etc.), fruit trees, and coffee. The bovine cattle ranch is important followed by the goat one. Although not very important, fishing activities occur in the Caribbean Sea. Industry and mainly the agro-industrial activities are being developed in Baní and in surrounding areas. There is production of salt in the Salt mines. The tourist activity is concentrated in the Caribbean coast, especially around Calderas Bay. 

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