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Dominican Republic Distrito Nacional

Rent Car In Distrito Nacional

Distrito Nacional Province was definitely denominated National District by the December 1st 1955 Constitution. The lastest change was made in 2001, when the current Province of Santo Domingo was created and the National District Territory was reduced to the City of Santo Domingo de Guzmán.It has a total area of 104.44 km² .At the North, East and West of National District you can find Santo Domingo Province and at the South the Carribbean Sea, it is part of Región X- Ozama, with a population of 913,540 people; 430,698 are men and 482,842 are women. The only city you will find in this province is the principal municipality: Santo Domingo de Guzmán. There are no mountains in this region, only some unevenness few meters elevations. The only important rivers are found in the limits of Distrito Nacional and Santo Domingo de Guzmán. Ozama River constitutes the west limit of the city and La Isabella River is the north limit. Other streams such as Arroyo Hondo and Arroyo Manzano which are short in their courses are affluent from La Isabella River. The weather is usually tropical rainy of savannah .The lack of rain occurs principally in the winter (February and March), making a well defined dry season. It regularly rains out of this season during the rest of the year. Commerce is the principal economical activity, although industry, communication and harbor activities (especially tourist ones) are also important. Governmental bureaucratic activities are very common and national and international tourism is very outstanding due to the fact that the capital of the country is located precisely in this province. The colonial area has the greatest tourist attraction. 

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