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Dominican Republic El Seibo

Rent Car In El Seibo

El Seibo Province was created in 1844 (It is one of the provinces created by the first Dominican Republic).By tradition, People used to write El Seybo. It has a territorial surface of 1,786.80 km². This province was declared as provincial capital. At the East you have La Altagracia Province, La Romana and San Pedro de Macorís at the South, Hato Mayor Province at the West and the Atlantic Ocean at the North. This province is part of the Region VIII- Yuma, and there is a population of 89,261 people: 47,313 men and 41,948 women. The municipalities are: - Santa Cruz del Seibo (or El Seybo), principal municipality - Miches. The municipal distrits are: - Pedro Sánchez, - El Cedro and La Gina. The Western Mountain Range also called Seibo Mountain range goes through the North-central region. El Soco is the principal river of the province, which has its mouth in the warm waters of the Caribbena Sea.Also, El Chavón River that meets the Caribbean Sea after going through La Romana and Altagracia Provinces. Nisibón River which sets the north limit of La Altagracia province has its mouth in the Atlántic Ocean. The other rivers are short, especially those born at the North of Sierra del Seibo. Redonda and Limón lakes are next to this place. This province is essentially agropecuarian, being the principal activities bovine cattle raising to obtain meat as well as milk and sugar cane plantations. The majority of industries produce handmade products or partly artisan products like milky products (cheese and butter) and sweets. Although there is fishing activity it is rudimentary. Tourist activities have increased in this province, mainly in the coast next to Miches and around Redonda and Limón Lakes. Many activities such as bullfights are held during the Santa Cruz celebration parties. 

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