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Salcedo Province was very well known previously by Mirabal sisters, Salcedo Province is one of the central provinces of Cibao. Its name honors Mirabal Sisters, who were natives of this province, created on March, 13th, of 1952, with the name of Salcedo but entered in use on August 16th, 1952. Salcedo was the 22nd province along with Sanchez Ramirez, in being created in the country. Its name was changed to the present one in November; 2007.It has a territorial surface of 440, 43 km ². It limits at the North and at the West with Espaillat Province, at the East with Duarte Province and at the South with La Vega Province. Salcedo is part of Region III –Eastern Cibao, with a population of 96.356 people: 48.679 are men and 47.677 are women. The municipalities and its municipal districts are: • Salcedo, principal municipality or Jamao Afuera (M.D) • Tenares or Blanco (M.D) • Villa Tapia. The Northern Mountain range occupies the North half of the province but the mountains in this region are somewhat low, not surpassing the 1.000 meters. The south part is part of La Vega Valley or Yuna Valley, in the Camú River sub-stream. The rivers of this province are short in route and little in volume. The Northern Mountain range works as water-divider. The North Slope empties towards Yásica River whereas the South slope empties towards Yuna River. The Cenoví is the river of greatest route in the province, with 22 km (in the province). Other rivers are Jamao, Veragua and Blanco in the North Slope. Also, Cenoví, Bacuí and Jayabo Rivers are in the South Slope. In the South part of the province, the weather is rainy tropical of savannah with double rainy season. In the way that this province extends to the Northern Mountain range, the temperature diminishes slightly and pluviometer figures increase. This province is essentially based on agriculture, being the main products banana, yucca, cacao and coffee. It has very little development in tourism .The Mirabal Sisters Museum in Conuco is an interesting place to visit in Salcedo Province. 

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