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Dominican Republic Bahoruco

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This province was created on March 16th, 1943, although the inauguration was on May 16th of the same year. Its name used to be written as Bahoruco. At the very beginning its territory included the province known today by Independencia, including the north slope of Bahoruco Mountain range. From there comes precisely its name: Baoruco Province, name that has been kept until today, although this province is not exactly located near Bahoruco Mountain Range. This province territory covers an area of 1282.23 square kilometers. At North of Bahoruco you can find San Juan Province, at the East with Azua and Barahona Provinces, at the South and West with Independencia Province. There is a population of 91,480 people; from them 46,904 are men and 44,576 women. The population density corresponds to 71 inhabitants per square kilometer. Principal cities: Principal municipality: Neiba, which is also written as Neyba with 25,420 inhabitants. Other municipalities: Galván, Los Ríos, Tamayo and Villa Jaragua. Municipal districts: El Palmar, Las Clavellinas, Cabeza de Toro, Monserrat, Santana and Uvilla. All the north region of the province is occupied by Neiba Mountain Range (or Neyba).Yaque del Sur is the principal river. The rest of the rivers in this region are short and intermittent. The north of Enriquillo Lake is part of the province. The principal economical activity is agriculture, being the principal products: bananas (In Tamayo), grape (in Neiba and Los Rios) and coffee (Neiba Mountain Range). Enriquillo Lake is today’s most important tourist attraction in this province Also, La Maria, a place next to Neiba and frequently visited by many villagers where there is a natural source of fresh drinking water. 

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