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Dominican Republic Azua

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Azua, with a total area of 2,531.77 square kilometers is one of the provinces created by the First Dominican Constitution in 1844. Its name comes from Nitaino (a Taina territorial division) where the city of Azua was first founded, a place known today by Pueblo Viejo. You can enjoy the beautiful view of the Caribbean Sea at the South. At the East you can find the provinces of Peravia and San José de Ocoa, at the North and North-East La Vega Province and at the North West side of Azua you can find San Juan Province and at the west you have Baoruco and Barahona Provinces. With a population of 208,857 people, 108,145 are men and 100,712 are women. The population density is 82 inhabitants per square kilometer. Principal cities: Principal municipality: Azua de Compostela, also called Compostela de Azua, with 87,024 inhabitants. Other municipalities: Estebanía, Guayabal, Las Charcas, Las Yayas de Viajama, Padre las Casas, Peralta, Pueblo Viejo, Sabana Yegua, Tábara Arriba. Municipal districts: , Barro Arriba, Clavellina, Emma Balaguer Viuda Vallejo, Las Barías-La Estancia, Los Jovillos, Puerto Viejo, Hatillo de Azua, Palmar de Ocoa, La Siembra, Las Lagunas, Villarpando, El Rosario, Proyecto 4, Ganadero, Amiama Gómez, Los Toros and Tábara Abajo. The province is bordered by spurs of the Central Mountain range, mainly by the North and East. At the South-East in the limits of Barahona and Barohuco Provinces you can find Martín García and Neiba Mountain Ranges. Yaque River is the principal river of this province. Other important rivers are Las Cuevas; Jura and Via. These two last ones are totally dry almost at the end of their courses. The principal economical activity is agriculture. In Azua Valley, horticulture is used with industrial purposes. Fruit crops are also an important way for exportation. Other important products are bananas, kidney beans and coffee, these two last ones are cultivated in mountain regions. Fishing is another activity of relative importance in populations near the coast, especially in Palmar de Ocoa. Apart from these small, artisan industries there are agro-industrial factories in charge of the production of tomato concentrated paste as well as other canned food. 

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