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Dominican Republic Dajabon

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It was created in 1938 and inaugurated on January 1st, 1939 with the name of Libertador Province. On November 25th, 1961 it was given the name of Dajabón which is the name of the provincial capital and the name of the principal river. Dahaboon, a tain name of the region, which means especially from the river. This province covers an area of 1020, 73 square kilometers. At the North of Dejabón you can find Monte Cristi Province, at the East Santiago Rodriguez Province, at the South Elías Piña Province and at the West the Republic of Haiti. There is a population of 62,043 people, from them 31,443 are men and 30,603 are women. The population density corresponds to 61 inhabitants per square kilometer. Principal cities: Principal municipality: Dajabón, with 25,685 inhabitants. Other municipalities: El Pino, Loma de Cabrera, Partido and Restauración Municipal districts: Cañongo, Manuel Bueno and Capotillo. The South half of the province is occupied by the Central Mountain Range. The principal river is Dajabón or Masacre which is used as border line from the city of Dajabón to its mouth. Its economy is agriculture although in the last years this province has become an important place for commercial exchange with Haiti. The most important agricultural products are rice and coffee. The cow milk production is relevant, especially near Dejabón City. 

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