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Dominican Republic Monte Cristi

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Monte Cristi Province was created April 25th, 1879 like Marine District, and soon, in November 1907 like Province. It takes the name of the provincial capital; It has a surface of 1.924,35 square kilometers.You can find the Atlantic Ocean at the north and West, Valverde province at the East, and at the south Santiago Rodriguez and Dajabón Provinces. Monte Cristi is part of Region IV (Cibao –Northwest); with a population of 111.014 people: 57.676 are men and 53.338 are women. The municipalities are: - San Fernando de Monte Cristi, principal municipality - Castañuelas - Guayubín - Las Matas de Santa Cruz - Pepillo Salcedo (Manzanillo). - Villa Vásquez. The municipal districts are: - Palo Verde - Cana Chapetón - Hatillo Palma - Villa Elisa. The mountains: The western part of the Northern Mountain range (or Monte Cristi Mountain range) is located in the north of the province. The main river of the province is the Yaque del Norte River, being its main affluents, in this province, Guayubín River and Maguaca River. Others are the Chacuey River, Aminilla River, and Cana River The main activity of the province is farming, with important production of Guinean, rice and banana; in addition, it is important the cattle and production goat, ovine. In the coast, fishing and the production of salt is important. The tourist development concentrates at the moment in Montecristi City; although there is a potential in the entire coast, in the western part (Pepillo Salcedo) as well as in the north part. Outstanding places are The Morro and the Seven Brothers Keys. 

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