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Dominican Republic Santiago Rodriguez

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Santiago Rodriguez, was created on December 29th, 1948, it was named like that in order to honor hero of Restoration, General Santiago Rodriguez, who lived in Sabanita, its capital city. It has a surface of 1111, 14 square kilometers. It limits at the North with Monte Cristo and Valverde Provinces, at the East with Santiago Province, at the South with San Juan and Elias Piña provinces and at the west with Dajabón Province. With a population of 59,629 people, 30,522 are men and 29,107 are women. It has a population density of 54 inhabitants per square kilometer. Principal cities: Principal Municipality: San Ignacio de Sabaneta, with 35,654 inhabitants. Other municipalities: Los Almácigos and Monción. The most relevant mountains in the province are: Sierra Samba Mountain and the Central Mountain range at the South. Guayubín River and the Mao River are the most important. Agriculture and small agro industries are the only economic activities of importance. 

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