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This province is located at the North Central region of the country. This province territory covers an area of 839 square kilometers. The Atlantic Ocean is at the North, La Vega Province is at the South, Salcedo and Maria Trinidad Sanchez Provinces are at the East and Santiago and Puerto Plata Provinces are at the West. Espaillat Province was originally constituted on May 28th, 1885 by resolution of the National Congress. It was given the name of Espaillat to honor the memory of one of the greatest civilist Dominicans, the President of the Republic Don Ulises Francisco Espaillat (1823-1878). With a population of 225,000 people; 65,531 are men and 66,202 are women. The population density is approximately 705.0 inhabitants per square kilometer. The municipalities of this province are: • Gaspar Hernández • Moca • Jamao (At the North) • Cayetano Germosen. Espaillat Municipal districts: • Joba Arriba • San Víctor • Ortega • Higuerito • Las Lagunas • Juan López • José Contreras • Canca la Reina The most important economical activity of this province is agriculture. There are AM of coffee, yucca .The production of eggs, pork and chicken is led by this province. Other relevant activities are cattle raising, industry, and commerce in general. The coffee that is cultivated in great amounts in high parts of the province is one of the most important activities. The big productions of banana play an important role in the progress of the economy of this province. The “Mocana” Yucca like banana is widely used for exportation. The batata, yautía, banano, beans and vegetables such as tomato, carrot and lettuce are sown in this entire province. Cattle raising has increased and the production of pork as well as fat are also guaranteed. The poultry keeping also plays an important role due to the fact that meat production increases as well as the distribution of eggs and little chickens. 

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