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Dominican Republic Independencia

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Independencia Province was created on December 29th, 1948. Before this province was created, its territory was part of Baoruco Province .Its name make us remember the National Independence. Elias and Baoruco Provinces are at the North, Barahona Province is at the East, Pedernales Province is at the South, and finally you can find the Republic of Haiti if you go towards the West. There are 26,257 men and 24,576 women in a total population of 50,833 inhabitants. The municipalities are: • Jimaní, principal municipality. • Cristóbal • Duvergé • La Descubierta • Mella • Postrer Río The municipal districts are: • Colonia Mixta • Colonia Mixta • El Limón • Guayabal • Vengan a Ver (Come to see) Bahoruco Mountain Range occupies all the south region of the province, with several branches and small elevations that reach Enriquillo Lake. There are just a few rivers in the province. Escondido or Las Damas River which descends down from Bahoruco mountain range ,from Puerto Escondido to Duverge City.There are important re-emerging rivers which have short route in La Descubierta and Boca de Cachón. There are also some sourses of sulfurating waters. You can also find Limon Lake in the geography of independencia Province, but you can only enjoy taking a deep in this lake at times of strong precipitations. In general, there is very little economical development like in all provinces with border lines there is an outstanding commercial interchange with Haiti, especially in Jimany The farming activitity is limited to the production of smaller cultures and goat and ovine raising in small scale. Canned Tomato paste is produced in an industrial way and there are important coffee plantations in Neiba Mountain Range. Grapes are cultivated by different families in a community called Postrer Río. Activities related to tourism are not very outstanding. There is only some national tourism in Independencia Province. 

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